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The Frag Station

The Frag Station
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* Innovative home coral propagation system for reef aquarists
* Ceramic plug and holder allow secure placement of coral frags
* Ideal for coral propagation or acclimating new coral frags

No more unstable frags falling over in your aquarium! Can be added to an existing aquarium without curing - will not cause a pH spike. Fired ceramic holder does not need to be soaked before using. Reef safe Frag Station is a much better alternative to wedging frags between rocks or the egg crate method. Allows you to have a mini coral farm without a separate aquarium. Will quickly coralline up to match your rock work. Accepts special Frag Station Plugs (included) and Disks as well as some other propagation plugs. Great for acclimating new coral frags, quarantine systems, for zoanthid grow-out and for displaying frags. Keeps frags from getting lost in rock work. Sizes vary - no two are the same, Choose 5- or 10-hole plug size. Additional ceramic Frag Plug Packs are reef safe, come in two sizes (plugs or disks), need no curing, and can be used with common fragging tools.

Please click on "More Information" for frag propagating and keeping your frags healthy.

Made by hand - no two are the same!
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