Educator ET-400TS and ET-402TS|Electronic Remote Dog Trainers
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Educator ET-400TS & ET-402TS Medium/Long Range Trainers

Educator ET-400TS & ET-402TS Medium/Long Range Trainers
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* Innovative remote trainers control dogs in a range up to 3/4+ mile
* Easily dial your stimulation level (0-100), or use unique tapping sensation as an effective alternative to stimulation
* Provides clean stimulation without any head jerking
* Rechargeable batteries and battery charger included
* The 2-dog system lets you stimulate each dog at a different level

Train your dog effortlessly in a 3/4+ mile range with the remote trainer boasting features that make it one of the most humane and effective available. You'll spend less time fussing with the transmitter and more time watching your dog with the Educator 400 Series Remote E-Collars. Assembled in the USA, they feature an easy-to-use transmitter that delivers adjustable stimulation from 0-100 levels. The more levels your transmitter has, the better able you are to adjust it to your dog's sensitivity and temperament without overcorrecting. The receiver collar is also small and lightweight; it fit dogs as small as 5 pounds but still provides ample stimulation.

Educator's advanced design includes many features not found on other trainers. The ergonomic stopwatch-style transmitter is designed for effortless use; you can watch your dog instead of your transmitter. It provides very clean stimulation (you won't see the normal head jerking experienced with some of the other training collars). The 0-100 stimulation levels are adjustable by dial (level is displayed digitally) and a "lock and set" feature prevents accidental overstimulation.

The systems also feature a tapping sensation, which is similar to vibration, but more intense, making it a good non-stimulation alternative if you choose. Proprietary blunt stimulation can be used for low-level work without undue stress on the dog. For emergency situations (like when a dog runs toward the road or other animals or children), a boost button provides instant response. Set the boost level from 1 to 60, depending on the dog's temperament. Smaller dogs typically respond to a boost of 1 to 20, while bigger, more stubborn dogs may require a boost of 20 to 60.

The night tracking light is controlled by the transmitter and can be set to either flash or remain lit continuously. If you lose or misplace your transmitter, the lost transmitter beeper helps you find it. The transmitter even floats, so you can use it confidently by the lake or on the boat. For dogs 5+lbs. Collar adjustable from 7"-24".

One Dog System includes transmitter, receiver collar (4 oz with strap), batteries (installed), battery charger, lanyard, owner's manual, test light, two sets of contact points (5/8" and 3/4") , and contact point tool.

Two Dog System includes transmitter, 2 receiver collars (ea. 4 oz with strap), batteries (installed), battery charger, lanyard, owner's manual, test light, two sets contact points (5/8" and 3/4") , and contact point tool.

Enhance your Educator Training Collar with a range of convenient accessories.

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