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Potty Time Chimes®

Potty Time Chimes®
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* Know exactly when your dog has to go out to go potty
* Easily teach your dog to associate moving the bells with the act of going outside
* Hang Potty Time Chimes from any doorknob, adjust to suit dogs of any size
* FREE included training DVD further simplifies the training process

With Potty Time Chimes, you'll know exactly when your dog has to go out - goodbye accidents and goodbye irritating scratching, barking, and/or whining when your dog is trying to alert you to his needs. Your simple training with these hang-on-doorknob bells teaches your dog to ring the bells whenever he needs to go potty. Potty Time Chimes hang from any style doorknob and adjust from 19.5"-30" long to accommodate dogs of every size. They're perfect for use with puppies, but can also be used to train older dogs.

Simply hang Potty Time Chimes on the door you will use to let your dog outside. Then, every time you take your dog outside to go potty, swipe his paw or nose across the bells and say "potty." After he eliminates in your yard, praise him lavishly for doing his business outside. Eventually, your dog will learn to associate moving the bells with the act of going outside to go potty, and he will move them on his own to alert you to his needs. Potty Time Chimes include a FREE 10-minute "Perfect Potty Training Solution" DVD to further simplify your training.

Potty Time Chimes feature 7/8" poly ribbon, a trio of 1-1/8" silver-tone metal bells, and a silver-tone buckle for length adjustment. Choose from 4 ribbon colors to complement any home décor - Blue/Black, Light Blue, Lime Green, or Black.

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