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Resco® Cordo-Hyde Leads

Resco® Cordo-Hyde Leads
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* USA-made leads designed for the show ring
* Like an invisible string, so judges focus on the dog, not the lead or handler
* Wax-coated cotton material can be easily balled-up in the hand to hide lead

Resco Show Leads have been leading show dogs since 1940. They are like an invisible string, so judges can focus on the dog's performance and not the lead or the handler. Unique wax-coated cotton leads can be balled up in the hand to hide the lead and are stiff enough so that the dog will respond to a handler's tug in the show ring. For handlers that prefer a softer feel, simply place the lead in warm water to remove some of the wax coating to soften the lead.

Show Leads feature a handler loop and a unique brass clip that adjusts to pet neck size. Two sizes:

  • 3/16" x 56" long in Black.
  • 3/8" x 60" long in Black.
Spinner Leads features a heavy-duty swivel on the neck end to provide tangle-free movement for dogs that spin during the show performance. Also has a small, unobtrusive neoprene throat pad to protect dogs with a soft trachea. Two sizes:
  • 3/16" x 42" long in Black only.
Snap Lead features a bolt snap at one end for attachment to a collar.
  • 3/8" x 42" long in Black only.
Loop Lead has a small loop sewn in at one end so you can "loop" the other end through to create a choker.
  • 3/16" x 48" long in Black only.

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Color: Black
Color: Black
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