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Petsafe Elite Spray Bark Control Collars

Petsafe Elite Spray Bark Control Collars
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* Control excessive barking with this safe, citronella spray collar
* Works by sound AND vibration to prevent correction for other dogs' barking
* Easy to use collar can help stop barking within the first few days of wearing

Nothing interrupts a dog's barking like an unexpected spray in the face. The Petsafe Elite Spray Bark Collar offers exactly that, giving you a quick, easy way to stop excessive barking. It emits a burst of harmless but unpleasant citronella-scented spray when your dog barks. Your dog sees, hears, and smells the spray, which deters him from further barking without electrical stimulation or piercing tones. This collar features no manual settings (except on/off button), so it is extremely easy to use. It also features Perfect Bark® sound and vibration sensors to discriminate each bark from other external noises, to ensure that only your dog's bark causes a correction. This means a burst of spray is emitted only if both the vibration from vocal chords and the sound from the bark match the same criteria. Available in little dog and big dog versions, and Spray Refills are available, which hold 300-400 sprays per can. Choose from Citronella Spray Refill (item 13120) or Scentless Spray Refill (item 74131).

Elite Little Dog Elite Big Dog
30-40 sprays per refill, 300-400 sprays per can 40-50 sprays per refill, 300-400 sprays per can
Good/low battery and low spray indicator Good/low battery and low spray indicator
For dogs up to 55 lbs For dogs over 40 lbs
Fits necks up to 20" Fits neck sizes up to 28"
Waterproof receiver collar
(1.9 oz)
Waterproof receiver collar (4.4 oz)
Collar uses 3-volt RFA-188 battery (included)
(Use replacement battery item #25978)
Collar uses 6-volt RFA-67 battery (included) (Use replacement battery item #9543)

Downloadable Little Dog Spray Trainer Instructions PDF or Big Dog Spray Trainer Instructions PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free.)

Please click on "More Information" for key definitions and usage tips.

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