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Comfort Zone® Spray with D.A.P.® (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)

Comfort Zone® Spray & Travel Wipes
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* CLINICAL STUDIES SHOW COMFORT ZONE WITH D.A.P.® HELPS REDUCE: Destructive behavior in 91% of dogs
* Excessive barking and whimpering in 65% of dogs
* House soiling in 75% of dogs

Feliway Happy Home Plug-InCUSTOMER NOTE: The manufacturer is changing the brand name of this product to Adaptil Spray. Adaptil is the brand the makers previously used exclusively in veterinary offices - even though it is the same great product. Continue to purchase Comfort Zone at special pricing, but only while supplies last. Or, make the switch to Adaptil Spray today. Read more about Adaptil.

Comfort Zone Spray is an excellent complement for use anywhere the Comfort Zone-Plug In is not being used. It provides the same active ingredients in a convenient, take-anywhere spray, ideal for temporarily stressful situations such as travel, veterinary visits, thunderstorms, and crate training. Simply spray your pet's crate, bedding, or your car to calm your dog in stressful situations. Calming pheromones communicate a reassuring message to your dog or puppy, reducing or eliminating chewing or other damaging behaviors caused by separation anxiety. The active ingredient in Comfort Zone, called Dog Appeasing Pheromone (D.A.P.) mimics the pheromone the mother dog produces as she is nursing her pups. When your puppy or dog senses this pheromone, even later in life, he is brought back to his peaceful nursing days. D.A.P. is especially helpful when there are visitors to the home, a new pet, or a new family member. Also great during car travel or visits to the veterinarian. Useful for adopted or particularly nervous dogs.

Use Comfort Zone Plug-In for room-wide, constant calming reassurance in all the rooms your pet spends time. The perfect complement to Comfort Zone Spray.

Please click on "More Information" for ingredients, instructions, precautions, and suggested use.

Help Control Destructive Behavior... With Pheromones
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