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Tick SR Wipes & Solution

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Tick SR Wipes & Solution
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* Nontoxic solution or wipes remove ticks on contact
* Tick removal Wipes or Solution provides safe release of ticks without having to touch them
* Wipes or Solution for removing ticks is convenient - simply remove and flush and tick is gone

Be prepared for ticks. Sometimes, even when you use flea and tick products a stray tick will attach to your dog. Tick SR (Safe Release) products make it easy to remove nasty ticks without actually touching them. Some ticks secrete a cement-like substance when they attach to your dog's skin. Nontoxic ingredients in Tick SR work to help dissolve this substance so they detach more easily. Tick SR also contains an astringent and a disinfectant. Tick SR can be used for the removal of all types and sizes of ticks including deer ticks, brown dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, and American dog ticks. It also can be used to remove the smaller nymphs, which are harder to remove using tweezers or other tick removal tools. Tick SR does not kill ticks and is most effective if used within 24 hours of tick attachment.

Use Tick SR Solution with a cotton pad or a tissue, and then simply dispose of tick and pad/tissue. Convenient Single-use Wipes are saturated with Tick SR Solution. Simply tear open a wipe, use, and dispose. Wipes are especially easy to use to remove ticks from dog ear flaps. For dogs only.

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