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Tomlyn Deep Moisturizing Pad Cream

Tomlyn Deep Moisturizing Pad Cream
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* Shield your pet's paws from ice, salt, hot pavement & harsh environments
* Tomlyn Deep Moisturizing Pad Cream has ingredients to help soften and moisturize cracked, calloused paws
* Helps maintain durability and resiliency of healthy tissue

Protect your pet's pads from extreme cold in winter and hot concrete and sand in the summer. Deep Moisturizing Pad Cream is like an invisible boot to shield against excessive dryness, cracking and callousing. It was originally designed to protect and heal the pads and elbows of hunting and working dogs exposed to harsh environments, but it also benefits city dogs that walk mainly on hard cement or on sidewalks treated with chemicals for ice removal. It even works for dry, brittle nails or on elbow callouses that develop from sleeping on hard surfaces. Contains natural collagen and lanolin.

Fast-acting, gentle Deep Moisturizing Pad Cream penetrates into the sublayers of the pad to get at the cause of the problem-dryness. Softens callused areas and increases the pliability of the pad, while maintaining the resiliency consistent with normal healthy tissue.

Please click on "More Information" for directions and ingredients.

Protects your pet's paws like an invisible boot!
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