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Orapup® Brush and Lickies for Dog Oral Health

Orapup® Brush and Lickies for Dog Oral Health
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* Dogs lick away their bad breath with uniquely designed brush and flavorful paste
* Tongue brush uses 1,470 ultra-soft bristles to loosen bacteria on the tongue
* 4 inline scrapers collect and remove the bacteria as dog licks - to cure bad breath

Cleaning your dog's tongue should be a treat, not a chore. The Orapup Brush system is designed to rid "doggy breath" deliciously - using your dog's natural licking tendencies. It is armed with 1,470 ultra-soft bristles and 4 inline scrapers that loosen and remove bacteria from the tongue. Squeeze some Orapup Lickies paste onto the Orapup brush, and your dog's sense of smell and natural licking instincts entice him to begin licking the brush, which starts the cleaning action.

The paste offers flavorful appeal to pets, and it is armed with all-natural enzymes that build up the good bacteria on the tongue in order to protect against future bad breath attacks. The paste works without killing the mouth's natural defenses against odor-causing bacteria.

Ultra-soft, pointed bristles reach deep into the uneven crevices of your dog's tongue and loosen offensive bacteria. The bristles were designed after a surgeon's scrub brush - the ones they use to clean bacteria from their hands before they perform surgery. The 4 inline scrapers collect and remove the bacteria and residue generated from brushing, helping cure bad dog breath. Brush measures 2.5" wide x 9" long. Bristle area measures 2.25" x 4".

Orapup Lickies gel pastes come in 2 oz bottles that provide approximately 20 uses. Choose Beef & Bacon flavor or Chicken flavor.

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