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ThunderSpray for Dogs

ThunderSpray for Dogs
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* Mimics mother's natural pheromones, which naturally calm dogs
* Lavender and chamomile fragrances offer soothing aromatherapy
* Spray in rooms, directly on ThunderShirt, or in the car before travel

Double-action spray combines the soothing effects of natural pheromones with calming lavender and chamomile. Combination pheromone/herbal ThunderSpray for Dogs can be applied in a room your dog frequently visits, in the car when traveling to the veterinarian, or directly on a ThunderShirt. ThunderSpray mimics a mother's natural pheromones, which reassure dogs. Recommended by veterinarians and professional trainers, this spray also employs the natural fragrances of lavender and chamomile for added calming effect.

Use it when traveling, before visits to the veterinarian, before thunderstorms, for pet and owner separation, on reactivity to other animals or people, general fearfulness, and for other sources of anxiety.

Pheromones 0.01%
Inert Ingredients 99.99%

Contains Pheromone, Lavender and Chamomile.

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