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Get Serious Odor, Stain, & Pheromone Extractor for Dogs

Get Serious Odor, Stain, & Pheromone Extractor for Dogs
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* Special dog stain and odor cleaner stops the re-soiling cycle
* Canine stain and odor remover eradicates odors humans can and cannot smell, expediting housetraining
* Dog stain and odor solution only takes 3 minutes to eliminate stain, odor, and pheromones

Stop your pet's re-soiling cycle in its tracks. Get Serious Stain, Odor, and Pheromone remover actually extracts the pet's pheromone completely so pet is not triggered to re-soil again and again. This effective extractor removes visible pet stains and extracts the pet's pheromones, which are odors your dog can smell, but you can't. This means puppies and dogs will not be attracted to soil the same place again and again, speeding up the housetraining process.

Get Serious! Dog Odor, Stain, & Pheromone Extractor is the ONLY pet urine cleaner with the strength and ability to lift the pheromone out while also removing any associated stains and odor. Cleaner removes new or old stains and odors that other cleaners may leave behind - even when it's concentrated. Extractor penetrates to the carpet padding and bubbles up stains and odors to the top of the carpet, where it can be wiped away quickly and easily.

Cleaning with this special extractor will not leave a stiff or yellow residue. Use as is or warm in microwave to give cleaner a power-boost. Extractor is nontoxic, biodegradable, and pet-safe. This solution lets you get really serious about cleaning up what your dog may leave behind, and that means a better relationship between you and your dog!

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