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FURminator® Slicker and Dual Brushes

FURminator® Slicker and Dual Brushes
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* Comfortable, ergonomic-grip pet brushes keep your pet's coat healthy, shiny
* Slickers features dual, flexible heads that move with your pet's contours
* For multiple coat types - find a brush just right for your pet

FURminator, the trusted name in deshedding tools, brings you advance-design pet brushes to keep your pet's coat looking its best. FURminator understands that brushing is the first step to good grooming. These professional brushes accommodate different coat types and fur lengths. They offer easy-grip ergonomic handles, dual and/or flexible heads to reach all your pet's curves, and a protective cover for prolonged life. PLUS, the plastic is treated to provide Anti-microbial Product Protection that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Slicker Brushes separate and untangle fur to keep your pet's coat clean and healthy. Features straight bristles one side, bent bristles on the other. Dual, FURflex head follows the natural contours of your dog's body while keeping bristles in their ideal working position. Choose Small and Large sizes, in either soft or firm bristle type.

Large Dual Brush is a combination tool featuring nylon bristles one side, smooth steel pins on the other. The pins have plenty of flex and combined with the padded base, are very comfortable on the skin. The soft nylon bristle side is ideal for smoothing the coat and bringing out shine.

For a finishing step, see our FURminator Combs.

Select the FURminator Brush that's Right for Your Dog

Firm Slicker
Small: 2.75" wide x
1.5" thick x 8" long
Large: 3.75" wide x
1.5" thick x 8" long
Soft Slicker
Small: 2.75" wide x
1.5" thick x 8" long
Large: 3.75" wide x
1.5" thick x 8" long
Dual Brush
2.5" wide x 1.75" thick
x 8" long
Firm steel bristles
glide easily through:
Medium coats
Long coats
Curly coats
Soft steel bristles
glide easily through:
Silky coats
Wire coats
Pin side: Long coats,
sensitive coats

Nylon side: On short-haired
dogs, removes debris,
on long-haired dogs
smoothes the coat and
brings out shine

Please click on "More Information" for FURminator grooming tips.

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