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* Eliminates any organic pet or animal odors permanently
* Natural enzymes work anywhere there is odor
* Keeps pets from re-soiling the same spot and even works on skunk odor!

If you've got problem pet odors, you need Odormute. This natural enzyme formula completely eliminates organic odors in minutes. Mix-with-water tablets work by chemically changing the source of the odor to completely eliminate it, not simply mask it. Use Odormute for urine on carpets, walls, and fabrics, as well as any other organic odor sources in your home (such as the inside of washing machines, garbage bins, toilets, litter pans, refrigerators, and sink drains). It even works on skunk odor on clothing or carpet. The ideal odor remover for use in kennels, dog runs, yards, catteries, ranches, horse and livestock barns, and animal shelters and hospitals.

Odormute must come in direct contact with the source of the odor. Odormute is harmless to humans, pets and plant life.

Choose 20-ct Fizz tablets, or 20-ct Skunk Fizz tablets. Each makes up to 20 gallons of odor-fighting liquid.

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