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Nilotron MICRO Aerosol Dispenser

Nilotron MICRO Aerosol Dispenser
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* Provide powerful odor control and freshness in any room - 24 hrs a day
* Compact, modern aerosol dispenser can be set to dispense at pre-set intervals
* Concentrated aerosol sprays fit in dispenser & feature premium fragrances

The Micro Nilotron Aerosol Dispenser is a compact, modern, and discreet way to fight odors automatically in your home. Designed to hold the Nilotron Micro metered aerosol, it can be set to dispense odor-neutralizing fragrance every 7.5, 15 or 30 minutes, daylight hours, 24 hours, or night activation. It features an ON/OFF switch, low battery and refill light. Runs on two "C" batteries, not included. Use in any room to control pet or other odors and provide freshness 24 hours a day.

Dispenser Kit includes 3.5" x 7.5" dispenser and 1 refill of Clean scent.

Highly concentrated Nilotron™ Micro refill aerosols provide greater coverage and long lasting odor-neutralizing with fewer propellants. They give you three times the power per ounce of standard aerosols, with premium fragrances that work faster and stay in the air longer. Refills will last 15 to 45 days (depending on spray interval setting). Can also be used as a personal air freshener for pockets, purses and desktops. Please specify refill scent: Clean, Red Clover Tea, and Tango Mango.

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Scent: Clean
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