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Skin Soothe™ by ProLabs

Skin Soothe™ by ProLabs
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* Contains Zinc, an essential trace element that helps support your dog's skin health
* Skin Soothe aids in the healing of hot spots, minor wounds, and other skin conditions
* Combines Zinc with Taurine and L-lysine to deliver maximum anti-itch benefits
* Steroid- and antibiotic-free Skin Soothe applies easily, leaves no residue

Harness the power of Zinc to help support the continued health of your dog's skin! Skin Soothe skin care spray contains Zinc, an essential trace element that aids in the healing of hot spots, incision sites, foot pad injuries, minor wounds, skin fold dermatitis, and many other skin conditions.

Zinc is critical to metabolic functions that affect wound healing, connective tissue repair, inflammation, and cell regeneration. The natural neutralized Zinc in Skin Soothe accelerates healing of skin tissues and is combined with Taurine and L-lysine to deliver maximum anti-itch benefits.

Skin Soothe has a neutral pH, so there's no sting or discomfort upon application. Plus, Skin Soothe is free of steroids and antibiotics. This easy-to-apply, targeted skin care spray is non-staining and leaves no oily or greasy residue. 2 oz bottle. For dogs.

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