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PurOtic® Ear Care Value Kit for Dogs

PurOtic® Ear Care Value Kit for Dogs
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* 4 oz ear cleaner and 4 oz ear dryer in one convenient kit
* Each bottle includes a patented soft silicone applicators that's easy on pet ears
* Super savings as compared to buying each product separately
Made in the USA

Clean and dry your pet's ears with this convenient duo. PurOtic Ear Care Value Kit contains both an ear cleanser and an ear dryer at special savings. Each bottle includes a patented soft silicone applicator that's gentle on your pet's ears and makes targeted application a breeze. Kit contains 4 oz PurOtic Extra Strength Cleaner and 4 oz Ear Dryer. Replacement Applicator Tips ensure you always have a spare in case one is lost or damaged.

PurOtic Extra Strength Cleaner is made with a pharmaceutical-grade emulsifier that removes debris and wax buildup. It also contains all-natural ingredients including tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender oils to instantly eliminate ear odor and create an unsuitable environment for the growth of unhealthy microorganisms.

Since a dry ear is just as important as a clean, wax-free ear, PurOtic Natural Ear Dryer is a great way to finish the cleaning process. Soothing ingredients can help reduce the urge for dogs to scratch the ears or "carpet swim." It also leaves behind a moisture- and odor-absorbent powder to keep ears dry. Contains aloe vera gel and natural antiseptic oils like tea tree, clove and chamomile.

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