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Ear Clens®

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Ear Clens® Kit
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* Keep your dog's ears clean, dry, and healthy with our ear care line
* Helps create an environment unfavorable to bacteria and fungus
* Potent, effective ear care solutions that cost less than similar products!

Use our veterinary-formulated products to help keep your pet's ears clean, dry, and in good overall health. Clean away dirt and debris, dissolve waxy buildup, and establish an environment that curbs bacteria growth. Regular ear cleaning takes only minutes, but goes a long way to help prevent problems associated with neglect. Our products are potent and effective, yet cost less than similar products! For dogs and cats.

Our Ear Clens Kit is your comprehensive solution for overall pet ear health. Kit includes: 4 oz Ear Clens Solution, 1 oz Ear Powder, and 90 ct Ear Clens Pads. See component descriptions below.

Ear Clens Solution rinses away dirt, waxy buildup, and debris from even hard-to-reach areas. This formula includes malic, salicylic, and benzoic acids to gently alter the pH in your pet's ear to create conditions unfavorable to the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus. The narrow-tip bottle gives you spot-on accuracy in application. For dogs and cats.

Ear Powder keeps the ear dry with 5.0% iodoform, an antiseptic that inhibits bacteria growth and supports dry, clean ear conditions. Also helps provide relief from non-parasitic-origin itch and irritation. For dogs and cats.

Pre-moistened Ear Clens Pads let you easily wipe outer ear of matter before it reaches down deeper into the ear canal. Also ideal for quick, daily cleanings. For dogs and cats.

Please click on "More Information" for directions and ingredients.

Your money-saving approach to clean, healthy ears!
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