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Pro Trainer Plus

Pro Trainer Plus
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* Stop your pet's problem barking, jumping, or chewing with this sonic dog trainer
* Use high-frequency sound, not electronic stimulation, to correct problem behaviors
* Positive tones let you reinforce obeyed commands like 'Sit' and 'Come'

Eliminate problem behaviors and reinforce basic training commands without the use of static electricity. With handheld Pro Trainer Plus, you train your pet using high frequency sound, either in positive or negative tones. There's no electronic collar for your pet to wear, and no physical discomfort when being corrected.

Pro Trainer Plus enhances the normal training process using four different training tones. Three of the tones are positive "YES" tones that help reinforce your pet's obedience to specific commands such as 'sit', 'come' and 'heel'.

For unwanted behaviors, use the trainer's unpleasant, high-frequency negative tone, which immediately gets your pet's attention. Combined with a firm "NO" command on your part, your pet will soon associate the negative tone with his behavior and will stop problem behaviors like barking, chewing, or jumping.

Even cats can be taught to come on command and to stop clawing, chewing and entering off-limits areas. With proper use, this is an easy, effective and inexpensive pet training aid. The Pro Trainer Plus requires a standard 9V battery (not included) for operation.

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