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Healers® Booties & Leg Wraps

Healers® Booties & Leg Wraps
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* Reusable, breathable Healers dressings promote faster healing of your dog's paws and legs
* Breathe-o-Prene® technology wicks away moisture and enables air flow for faster healing
* Healers Booties & Leg Wraps include non-stick, triple-layer Teflon® gauze inserts
* Use Booties & Leg Wraps separately or easily connect for total-leg wound coverage

Healers Paw Booties and Leg Wraps offer reusable, stay-put, breathable protection to promote faster healing of injuries and irritations on your dog's legs and paws. Breathe-o-Prene® technology in both the Paw Booties and Leg Wraps wicks away moisture and allows air to flow freely for faster healing. Healers dressings also include non-adherent, triple-layer Teflon® gauze inserts that act as a bandage to absorb moisture and keep any necessary medication in place over the affected area. Healers Paw Booties and Leg Wraps are made in the USA, machine-washable, and water resistant.

Lightweight Healers Paw Booties stretch to comfortably fit your dog's feet. Booties feature wrap-around design and high-strength VELCRO® brand fasteners to fit snugly and stay on without twisting. Healers Paw Booties' rubber soles also give your dog superior traction on slippery surfaces such as hardwood floors. Plus, Healers Paw Booties are extremely easy to put on and take off. Each pair of Booties includes 2 gauze inserts. Healers Booties are sold in pairs and available in blue only. Choose from 5 sizes to fit your unique dog. Additional gauze inserts available, sold separately.

Bootie Size For Paw
(up to)
Ideal for breeds such as
XSmall 1-5/8" Toys, Terriers
Small 2-1/8" Pugs, Beagles
Medium 2-5/8" Labs, Hounds, Spaniels
Large 3-1/8" German Shepherds
XLarge 3-7/8" Mastiffs, St. Bernards

Healers Leg Wraps offer ideal protection for leg injuries, cuts, rashes, dew claw problems, hygromas, lick granulomas, and more. These soft elastic Leg Wraps, with end and edge VELCRO® brand fasteners, are designed to stay put vertically along your dog's leg. Each Leg Wrap includes 2 gauze inserts. If you need extra length, you can easily connect 2 Leg Wraps, or cut the Leg Wrap to a smaller size to suit smaller animals. Plus, you can connect a Leg Wrap to a Paw Bootie to extend protection from your dog's foot all the way up the leg. Choose from 2 sizes. Additional gauze inserts available, sold separately.

Leg Wrap Size Dimensions
Small 2" x 18" long
Medium 2" x 24" long

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Please click on "More Information" for additional details on Healers Breathe-O-Prene technology.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

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