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Extra Strength Dis-Taste®

Extra Strength Dis-Taste®
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* Stop stool eating with the help of this potent formula
* Ingredients in Dis-Taste make feces taste horrible to stop stool eating
* Delicious Extra Strength Soft Chewables or Bites get snapped up like treats

Use Dis-Taste to discourage the disturbing habit of stool eating. Simply give to the dog whose feces is being eaten. Stool eating is a potentially dangerous habit, since it can be a means of transferring disease and parasites. Our veterinarians created this formula with special ingredients that make feces taste horrible to dogs, including monosodium glutamate and oleoresin capsicum (the active ingredient in chili peppers). These ingredients pass through the pet's intestines, giving feces a horrible taste.

In addition to using Dis-Taste, we also recommend increasing your dog's daily activity and feeding a high-quality diet to help control stool eating. For dogs only.

Product For What Dogs Suggested Daily Use
Extra Strength Bites Small/Medium/Large Dogs 1 bite per 15 lbs body weight
Extra Stength Chewables,
Small Dog
Small Dogs (up to 30 lbs) Dogs <15 lbs, 1/2 to 1 chew;
Dogs 15 lbs and over,
1 chew per 15 lbs body weight
Extra Stength Chewables,
Medium to Large Dog
Medium & Large Dogs (30 lbs & over) 1 chew per 30 lbs body weight

*Bites are a crunchy, fun way to help discourage stool eating, and Chewables deliver a cheese-flavored nugget dogs think is a treat.

The safety of this product in breeding, pregnant or lactating animals has not been determined. Please note: Product is to be administered to the dog whose feces are being eaten, NOT the dog that is eating the feces. Dis-Taste makes the feces taste bad to the offending dog, and thereby discourages him from eating them. In multiple dog households, where you are unsure which feces are being eaten, administer to all dogs.

Please click on "More Information" for use instructions, ingredients, and further details.

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