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Nature's Miracle No More Marking

Nature's Miracle No More Marking
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* 3-in-1 solution for pet stain removal, odor elimination and pet training
* Permanently eliminate tough, deep-set pet stains and odors
* Natural repellent prevents pets from marking the same spot twice

Tired of cleaning the same pet-stained areas over and over again? You won't break this cycle unless you stop it at the source. Nature's Miracle No More Marking is an advanced formulation that gets to the root of problem stains and odors due to repeat marking. This 3-in-1 solution removes stains, eliminates odors AND prevents repetitive pet marking. No More Marking leaves behind a fragrance pleasant to humans but acts like a "scent message" telling pets not to return and repeat unwanted behavior. You don't have to live with offensive pet stain and odors. Eliminate even tough, deep-set ones with Nature's Miracle No More Marking for a more pleasant home environment. Test for colorfastness before using.

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