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The Pet Loo and Mini Wee

The Pet Loo and Mini Wee
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* "Backyard in a box" is a hygienic way to let your dog "go" indoors
* Ideal for when working late or inclement weather keeps you from walking your dog
* Compact collection cup ensures easy disposal, unlike our competitor's larger, clumsier tray

When bad weather keeps you from getting outside to walk your dog, the Pet Loo is your answer. It lets your pet do his "business" indoors, with hassle-free disposal of urine and easy scooping of solids. Long days at work, weekend sleep-ins, and inclement weather no longer mean puddles or messes to clean up. The Pet Loo can also help protect your beautiful lawn in summertime. Simply use it on the deck or patio to eliminate finding and scooping waste on the lawn, and forget about lawn burn.

The Pet Loo resembles a patch of grass to entice dogs to "go" upon it, and it keeps pet waste in one, easy-clean location. Its heavy-duty polymer frame supports a slanted tray, a soak-through artificial grass mat, and a collection cup. Here's how it works. Urine seeps through the grass mat, runs down the slanted tray, and collects in the removable 1.75 liter container. Simply slide out the container and pour liquid wastes into your toilet. Solids can be easily scooped and flushed, too.

Compared to the competition, this unit is extremely lightweight for easy portability. Other units have a wider, clumsier collection tray that increases the likelihood of spills when removed for disposal. This unit's compact collection cup can be removed with a single hand and poses very little risk of spills.

Alternate with Replacement Grass (sold separately) when cleaning and drying a soiled grass mat.

Use the Pet Loo for any sized dog. The Mini Wee is ideal for small to medium breed dogs or for smaller apartments where space is limited.

Mini Wee 25" x 25" x 5" Weighs 11 lbs
Pet Loo 33" x 33" x 5" Weighs 15 lbs

Biodegradable, enzyme-based Wee Care Liquid (sold separately) can be sprayed on the grass after the daily rinse to break down bacteria and organic compounds for proper sanitation. 475 ml, 16 oz.

Pee Pods are biodegradable containers that fit neatly inside the catchment jug of your Pet Loo. On contact, the included Wee Sponge (crystals) acts like a magnet to rapidly absorb over 100X their weight in moisture. 7-pack Pods includes 200 g WEE Sponge Crystals and scoop. 14-pack Pods includes 400 g WEE Sponge Crystals and scoop. See Pee Pods Video

Skip to My Loo contains a unique attractant to get your dog to use the Loo with ease. Simply apply to your Pet Loo and your puppy will be tempted to mark the same spot. 125 ml.

Please click on "More Information" for care tips and instructions.

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