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Pee Post™

Pee Post™
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* Make housebreaking easier by using the natural instinct of your pet
* Teach your pet to go where you want him to go
* The rest of your yard stays green!

Train your pet to go in just one area! Pheromone-treated plastic yard post encourages your pet to eliminate in a specific area. Simply stake it 4-5" into the ground. Your pet will smell the attractant pheromones for months and go where you want him to, while the rest of your yard stays greener. 7-1/2" high. Simple product design allows for ease in staking, removal, and relocating. Keep your pet’s elimination site where you want it to be; Pee Post can help.

Training your pet to use Pee Post can take some time and patience, but it is not difficult. After installing, simply lead your pet to Pee Post, and let him sniff the area. With great enthusiasm, praise him and offer a small reward if he "goes" near the post. If he does not perform, continue to bring him back to Pee Post whenever you anticipate he may need "to go." Always praise him after eliminating near Pee Post, so he associates good things with using the post. Continue this process until your pet consistently eliminates next to Pee Post.

Please click on "More Information" for further directions and training timeline.

Trains pets where to urinate
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