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Stink Free Litter Box Spray

Stink Free Instantly Litter Box Spray
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* Cat odor removing spray keeps litter box fresher
* Prevents litter from sticking to side of litter pan

Prevent cat odors, contamination, and litter sticking to the sides of the litter pan. This odor-removing spray powder formula goes on in liquid form and fills in the microscopic pores in the plastic litter pan where odors hide and grow. It then flash dries to create a solid physical barrier that stops odor contamination. Also prevents scoopable litters from sticking to the box.

You can also spray it on top of dirty, stinky litter to stop invasive odors instantly. It forms a safe nontoxic blanket of deodorizing protection that attracts, encapsulates and destroys odor. No need to mix it into the litter, and no messy application.

Works with all litters and litter boxes. Fresh Baby Powder scent.

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