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Crinkle & Toss Catnip Scented Papers

Crinkle & Toss Catnip Scented Papers
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* Rouse & energize kitty with super-potent, catnip-infused papers
* Crinkle up a sheet, toss it to your cat, and watch her spring into action
* Offers a smell, sound and feel that excites your cat for hours

Energize and entice your cat with a scent so powerful, it will spring your cat into action. Crinkle & Toss Catnip Scented Papers are an innovative way to offer potent catnip. To test your cat's reaction, simply crinkle up a sheet of this fragrant paper, toss it to your cat, and watch her attack it the way she attacks your newspaper or shopping bags. Each sheet is infused with a super-strong catnip scent and makes crinkle sounds when your cat plays, to energize and entertain your cat for hours. Kitty will pounce, nip, swat, and purr her way to bliss. When she's done playing, you can simply toss it out and grab a new sheet next time. A simple, economical way to stimulate your cat's senses, entice natural play behaviors, and prevent boredom in cats of all ages. Orange and green sheets measure 2.5" x 2.5". 50 sheets total (two 25-packs).

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