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Bravo! Healthy Medley Wholesome Cat Treats

Bravo! Healthy Medley Wholesome Cat Treats
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* Freeze-dried treats formulated to meet the nutritional needs of cats
* USA made all-natural cat treats are grain free & 100% antibiotic free
* Chicken & Turkey Medley contain organ meats with nutrients essential to cats
Made in the USA

Grain-free all-natural cat treats boast high protein nutrition cats crave and require. Bravo! Healthy Medley Wholesome Cat Treats are formulated to help meet the nutritional needs of cats, an obligate carnivore whose diet should be high in muscle meat and organs. Freeze-dried cat treats are 100% antibiotic free and contain neither additives nor preservatives - just wholesome goodness cats can't resist. Easy-to-feed bite-size pieces. Made in USA.

Bravo! Healthy Medley Chicken Medley and Turkey Medley take nutrition a step farther by incorporating heart, liver and gizzard, organs known to contain specific nutrients essential to cats.

Bravo! Mariner's Medley has no organs. It offers three different protein types: salmon, cod, and shrimp, each with its own nutritional benefits.

Bravo! Chicken Medley with chicken breast, chicken liver, and chicken gizzard comes in a 1.5 oz re-closable bag.

Bravo! Turkey Medley with turkey breast, turkey heart, turkey liver and turkey gizzard comes in a 1.25 oz re-closable bag.

Bravo! Mariner's Medley with salmon, cod, and shrimp comes in a 0.75 oz re-closable bag.

Please specify Chicken Medley, Turkey Medley or Mariner's Medley.

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