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Li'l Pals Kitten Grooming Tools

Li'l Pals Kitten Grooming Tools
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* Scaled-down combs and brushes to get your kitten used to being groomed
* Grooming tools may be used from the time you bring your kitten home
* Combs and brushes for kittens are easy on sensitive feline skin

Grooming tools designed specifically for the sensitive skin of kittens, they can also be used throughout your cat's lifetime. Scaled-down versions of popular combs and brushes have ergonomic handles to comfortably fit hands big and small and are very easy to use. Remember, grooming your cat regularly helps maintain a healthy coat.

Use Massage Brush to get your kitten adjusted to the feel of grooming. The rubber massaging bristles teach him that being groomed is a pleasure and also removes dead hair, and stimulates natural oils in the skin for a healthy, lustrous haircoat. The smooth, round teeth of the Double-Sided Comb helps break up mats and remove tangles. One side has closely spaced teeth and one with teeth a little more widely spaced. Bristle Brush has soft bristles that gently remove dead hair and distribute natural oils for a soft, shiny haircoat. Slicker Brush features soft wire bristles with covered ends and easily removes mats, tangles, and loose hair.

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