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Catit Design Senses Water Fountain

Catit Design Senses Water Fountain
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* Cat drinking fountain has an elevated design for a better drinking position
* Replaceable filter inside fountain collects debris, food, hair, and sediment
* Large surface area of fountain creates better oxygenation, keeping water clear

Cats crave clean water and what's more important to a cat's health than consuming enough water? Catit Fountain provides clear, recirculating, healthy water to your cat every time she needs it, with an elevated design for a more comfortable, raised drinking position. Catit is for all cats, but its design makes it especially helpful for older cats that may have trouble bending, or cats with muscle and joint problems.

Catit Design Senses Fountain has a multi-stage filtration system with activated carbon to help absorb water impurities while it filters out hair, food, and debris. Fountain has a larger surface area so more oxygen gets at the water to create fresher, tastier water. And your cat will drink more of the water she needs if it tastes fresh. Catit's recirculating flow eliminates stale, stagnant water and attracts your cat to the moving water she desires.

Catit Design Senses Fountain includes one foam/carbon/ion exchange resin Water Softening Filter. These specialized filters are beneficial because ion exchange resin softens hard water by eliminating the magnesium and calcium to provide healthier water, while active carbon absorbs water impurities such as debris, food, hair and sediment, and removes chlorine odor. These filters also last longer, so you change them less often. Replacement Water Softening Filters may be purchased separately; replacement conventional Foam Filters may also be used in this fountain.

Catit Design Senses Fountain holds 100 oz water. Wash with soft sponge and non-abrasive cleaner. Fountain measures 8-3/4" x 8-3/4" x 7" high. Filters are 6" diameter. Fountain is white with light blue interior.

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Downloadable Catit Design Senses Fountain Instruction Manual PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Please click on "More Information" for set up instructions and weekly maintenance tips.

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