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Excel Kittymalt™ Hairball Remedy Paste

Excel Kittymalt™ Hairball Remedy Paste
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* Tasty malt-flavored paste prevents and eliminates hairballs in your cat
* Fur ball preventive is easy to administer to cats and kittens
* Hairball paste for cats contains mineral oil to ease elimination of hairballs

Help prevent the formation and elimination of hairballs with this economic, malt-flavored paste. So simple to give to your cat or kitten, you simply squeeze a strip on your finger and let your pet lick it off. Delicious formulation contains 950mg mineral oil per teaspoon to help ease hairballs through your cat's digestive tract. Ideal for shedding season or all year long, this remedy may be used up to twice a week for maintenance. Delicious malt flavor cats love. For cats or kittens over 12 weeks of age.

Daily suggested use: Daily for 3 days, then 1-2 times per week

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