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First Aid Tools

First Aid Tools
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Supplies to keep on hand for medical emergencies or to restock your first aid kit.

  • 1302 Mosquito Hemostat
    Locking sharp-nosed instrument similar to a needle holder, but with shorter blades. Can be used to get into hard-to-reach areas.

  • 2633 Bandage Scissors
    Used for cutting and changing bandages at home.

  • 1301 Surgical Scissors
    Extra-sharp scissors used for cutting delicate tissue or for cutting out hair mats. They can also be used for cutting bandages or sutures.

  • 1303 Thumb Forceps
    May be used to remove splinters or smaller items from a pet's foot.

  • 1292 Bulb Syringe
    May be used for ear or eye cleaning. Simply squeeze bulb and suction will draw in solution.

  • 22123 ProCare Liquid Bandage
    Liquid for temporary wound management, such as lacerations, tail docking, or declawing.

  • 2641 Quick-release Tourniquet
    For temporary management of bleeding wounds.
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