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FURminator® Professional Grooming Rake & Combs

FURminator® Professional Grooming Rake & Combs
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* Ergonomic-handles are comfy, to give you no-fuss finish grooming
* FURflex handles are gentle on pets and navigate body contours with ease
* Rounded teeth (rake & finish comb) rotate 360º for gentle mat removal

After brushing your pet, small pin mats and tangles often remain. A professional grooming comb like these from FURminator is the perfect Step 2 for your pet's grooming; it removes small mats and tangles and smoothes the coat. Ergonomic grip enhances your grooming comfort. Plus, the plastic is treated to provide Anti-microbial Product Protection that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Finishing Comb and Rake are ideal for short and medium-coat dogs. Both feature stainless steel teeth that rotate 360º. The teeth turn gently as you move them through the coat, so that small mats and tangles are removed faster and with very little snagging. FURflex heads have gentle flex, making these tools easier on your pet's body contours. Large Finish Comb is ideal for large pets. Small is ideal for all other pets. Rake works especially well on pets with long coats. Protective covers included.

Curry Comb is the ideal tool for short, dense coats, but any dog will love its gentle massage. Molded rubber teeth remove dust, loose hair, and gently massage the skin, which stimulates the natural oils that promote lustrous sheen and coat health. It's the perfect last step in your grooming routine. Hand strap allows easy handling, even when your pet's coat is wet.

Rake (7/8" teeth)
(5" wide by 6-1/2" long)
Curry Comb
(2" x 4-3/4" long)
Finishing Comb (1" teeth)
Small (8-1/2" long)
Large (10" long)
Long, smooth coats Short coats
Medium coats
(Massaging tool
for any coat)
Long coats
Curly coats
Silky coats
Wirey coats

Please click on "More Information" for FURminator grooming tips.

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