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Fishbone Scratch 'n Shape

Fishbone Scratch 'n Shape
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* Eco-friendly corrugated cardboard scratcher invites your cat to scratch, lounge, play, and nap
* Fishbone Scratch 'n Shape's honeycomb texture can help you train your cat to NOT scratch household surfaces
* 100%-recycled-paper cat scratcher includes a 9-gram bag of certified organic catnip for extra fun

Tough, eco-friendly corrugated cardboard scratcher thrills your cat with lots of space to scratch, lounge, play, and even nap! Fishbone Scratch 'n Shape features an irresistible honeycomb texture that mimics the feel of natural tree bark, so cats instinctively choose to sink their claws in for some serious (and healthy!) shredding. And since the Fishbone Scratch 'n Shape's natural texture is unlike most every other texture in your home, it can help simplify and speed up the process of training your cat to NOT scratch your furnishings and other household surfaces. The Fishbone Scratch 'n Shape also includes a 9-gram bag of certified organic catnip you can sprinkle on the scratcher to grab your cat's attention and enhance the overall scratching experience.

Fishbone Scratch 'n Shape is made in the USA with 100% recycled paper. The Fishbone Scratch 'n Shape's labels are printed with soy-based ink, and the entire scratcher is 100% recyclable. Measures 8" x 3" x 15" long.

Please specify Black & White or Pink & Brown.

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