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Nature's Miracle® Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Nature's Miracle® Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes
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* Freshen your home with a quiet, 3-way odor control litter box
* Dual motion sensors activate cleaning cycle 10 minutes after kitty exits
* Waste receptacle stores waste and controls odors for fuss-free disposal

These quiet-running automatic litter boxes offer superior, 3-way odor control and are available in two sizes to accommodate single- or multiple-cat homes. Dual motion sensors activate the cleaning cycle 10 minutes after each use. The cleaning cycle removes clumped litter and waste into a catch-all receptacle. Three-way odor control starts with the removal of the waste from the pan. Next, a carbon filter inside the waste receptacle helps absorb waste odors. Lastly, antimicrobial protection controls bacterial odors on the box itself.

These boxes feature a sleep timer that delays raking for 9 hours so you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Change indicator light tells you when the waste receptacle is full. Systems include a litter-catching ramp, mess-preventing high side walls, black metal-fleck plastic construction, power button for manual cycling, non-stick rake and pan surfaces, and AA battery backup (requires 8 AA batteries, not included) for power outages.

Ideal for use with any premium clumping litter. Includes AC adaptor, 4 receptacles, 4 carbon filters, and 1 scoop/rake cleaner. Add the No-Tracking Litter Mat to further protect floors from litter scatter. Multi-Cat Litter Box holds 30% more litter than Single and measures 26" x 16" x 9" high with a 16.5" x 13.75" litter area.

Hooded Multi-Cat Litter Box pleases privacy-seeking cats, helps further contain litter scatter outside the pan, and features a charcoal pad in hood for further odor control. 26" x 16" x 19" high with a 16.5" x 13.75" litter area.

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