Automatic Cat Litter Boxes: LitterMaid Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes
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LitterMaid® Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

LitterMaid® Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes
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* New, more durable drive mechanism and removable automatic rake
* Automatically cleans your cat's litter box after every use - all day long
* Seals off waste in a disposable receptacle featuring odor-control charcoal filter
* For safety, unit stops and reverses rake if kitty jumps behind moving rake

Cross off litter box maintenance from your hectic daily schedule - with the help of a LitterMaid Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box. These units offer a simple, automatic solution for the ongoing challenge of a clean, tidy litter area. They clean up after each use and offer 24/7 odor control. Each requires no programming or tools for setup. Self-cleaning cat litter boxes feature motion sensors that automatically activate the cleaning cycle 10 minutes after your cat exits. These units operate with a new, more durable drive mechanism and feature a removable automatic rake. Enjoy more quality time with kitty and spend less time cleaning the litter box!

These litter boxes feature a clever, two-piece waste receptacle design that contains waste and odors for convenient disposal. Receptacle lid allows placement of carbon filter for enhanced odor-fighting protection. High sidewalls protect floors. On/Off button activates unit and LED indicator light alerts you to operation status. Safety feature stops and reverses raking action if kitty should jump behind the rake during the cleaning cycle. All parts and accessories are made of lightweight materials intended to create a harmless atmosphere for your cat.

Single Cat Litter Box (Model LM580) is ideal for single-cat households. Measures 17.7" x 24.8" x 9.8" high (litter pan area is 14" x 14"). Light green and crème color. Multi-Cat Litter Box (Model LM980) is great for homes with two cats up to 15 lbs and holds 50% more litter. Measures 17.7" x 28" x 9.8" high (litter pan area is 17" x 14"). Multi-cat box features a paw cleaning carpeted ramp to keep your floors cleaner. Gray-blue and crème color. Each comes with a dual power option; use with the included AC adaptor or with 8 "D" batteries (sold separately) during power outages. Each works with any premium hard-clumping kitty litter, and we recommend LitterMaid Premium Clumping Litter.

Accessories for these units include LitterMaid Carpet (26" x 32.5") for floor protection, 20 oz LitterMaid Deodorizer for anytime freshening, and Replacement Carbon Filters.

Units include: Automatic self-cleaning litter box, AC Adapter, Scoop & Rake Cleaner, Paw Cleaning Ramp (Multi-Cat version only),(4) Carbon Filters, and (4) Waste Receptacles with Lids.

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