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* Attacks fresh cat urine stains on floors, pet bedding and more
* Removes odors completely to prevent re-marking
* Use on a variety of surfaces - fabric upholstery, carpet, tile, wood floors, and more

Cat-tergent is perfect for getting rid of stains and odors right after they happen. The Cat-tergent formula starts working to change the molecular structure of the stains. It lifts fresh pet stains and odors right out, without leaving a ring on your carpet or furniture! It also neutralizes odors forever, so pets won't re-mark the spot. Cat-tergent is especially effective on sensitive wool carpet fibers, and can also be used on cat and dog bedding, tile, wood floors - any soiled surface. You can even use it to deodorize garbage bins, kennels, diaper pails, and fish odors in boats! No scrubbing. Just saturate, soak, and blot.

Be sure to test all carpeting for colorfastness before using Cat-tergent.

Please click on "More Information" for recommended usage and ingredients.

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