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Shed-X™ Shed Control Shampoo for Cats

Shed-X™ Shed Control Shampoo for Cats
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* Nourish and exfoliate the skin while bathing away dander and allergens
* Shed-X helps release loose fur without interfering with topical flea/tick treatments
* USA-made formulas boast ingredients that support a healthy skin and lustrous coat
Made in the USA

Nourish your cat's skin and coat with moisture and essential nutrients while leaving behind a surprisingly fresh nectarine ginger scent. Shed-X Shampoo utilizes coconut-oil based cleansers to clean gently while alpha hydroxy acid gently exfoliates the skin to remove dander, allergens and loose hair. Shed-X penetrates the skin and coat with nourishing amino acids, Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, and antioxidant nutrients (Vitamins A, E, and D) to support healthy skin. Keeps your pet's skin and coat nourished and moisturized, while the fresh scent leaves your pet smelling great. Shed-X leaves behind a smooth, shiny, and healthy coat for your pet - and less shedding, dander, and allergens in your home. USA-made formula with nectarine/ginger scent.

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