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Catit Senses Activity Toys

Catit Senses Activity Center
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* Create a senses-stimulating activity center ideal for prey-seeking cats
* Cat toys boast scratch surface, massage center, catnip aroma and more
* Cat toys let cats scratch, rub and mark their territory

Create a feline activity center that engages all kitty's prey-hunting senses. The Play Circuit track boasts a peek-a-boo enclosure that lets cats see, chase and swat a specially-designed ball. Measures 2.25" wide x 2" high x 45.5" long. Re-shape or add more circuits as you like, to fit add-ons like the Massage Center that delivers pampering body groomers, a ripple massager and a gum stimulator. 14" diameter.

Scratch Pad provides an appropriate scratching surface that lets cats mark their territory. 14" diameter. Massage Center and Scratch Pad include catnip and an accu-pressure mat.

Super Roller Circuit provides roller-coaster-style fun with alternating high and low tracks. This 8-piece circuit includes an illuminated ball to challenge your cat's dexterity and prey instincts. Measures 2.5" wide x 1"-3" high x 32" long.

Speed Circuit is a high-velocity upgrade of the popular Play Circuit. Undulating "rollercoaster" tracks build up playtime excitement with greater speed and momentum. Energetic cats will love the added visual stimulation provided by the motion-activated illuminated ball. Configure as desired, even add more circuits. 2.25" wide x 3" high x 45.5" long. 2-pk Replacement Ball sold separately.

Treat Maze exercises the minds and bodies of food-oriented cats. Ingenious treat toy tests your cat's problem-solving skills and provides an engaging way to moderate treat intake. Rotate second level disc to provide a suitable challenge for your clever kitty. 14" diameter x 13.5" high.

Grass Garden enriches cat playtime activity with wholesome greens. Tantalizing wheat grass mixture is a delightful source of fiber for indoor cats. Satisfy natural cat cravings, aid digestion and ease upsets due to hairball buildup. 14" diameter. Grass refills (8" diameter) sold separately.

Activity Center Kit – 4 components let you quickly set up (and change up) a fabulous play circuit. Includes Play Circuit, Speed Circuit, Massage Center with replacement Gum Stimulator, and Treat Maze.

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Choose your track and your add-ons for customized fun!
Color: Blue
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