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Nature's Miracle Pet Block and Scratching Deterrent Spray

Nature's Miracle Pet Block and Scratching Deterrent Spray
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* Curb unwanted cat behaviors with two pet-safe, natural repellents
* Keep cats away from off-limits surfaces like beds, furniture and potted plants
* Discourage destructive cat scratching on unacceptable surfaces

Curb your cat's undesirable behavior and create "no pet" zones within your home, safely and naturally. These two spray solutions utilize natural ingredients to repel pets from surfaces you want them to avoid. These formulas utilize harmless scents like cinnamon and lemongrass, which cats dislike and prefer not to smell, causing them to stay away from treated areas. Long-lasting, concentrated formulas are safe to use around children and pets.

Pet Block Spray helps keep cats away from treated areas like potted plants, beds, furniture and other areas you wish to remain pet-free. Indoor/outdoor training spray can be re-applied as needed until undesirable habit is broken. Scratching Deterrent Spray helps discourage destructive scratching. When cats scratch on a surface, their paw glands leave behind a scent as a way of marking territory. Scratching Deterrent Spray works to eliminate this scent and discourage repeat scratching behavior. Safe, natural formulas contain no harmful chemicals and are safe to use around children and pets.

Please click on "More Information" for directions and ingredients.

Create no-pet zones and redirect scratching away from household surfaces
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