Pet Shedding Control: Evercare® Pet Hair Rollers for Cats
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Evercare® Pet Hair Rollers

Evercare® Pet Hair Rollers
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* Sticky tape removes pet hair from anywhere
* Easy to use ergonomic handle
* Simply discard used tape and refill cartridges

Roll away problem pet hair in an instant! Economical, super sticky rollers remove pet hair, dander, fuzz, and lint from clothes instantly. Sticky tape comes in a roll with adhesive that removes even the tiniest pieces to keep your clothes, car, and furniture fur-free. Each has an ergonomic handle to make cleanup so much easier.

Extra Sticky Lint Roller has a comfortable handle and includes 4" cartridge with 60 sheets of extra-sticky, disposable adhesive, to keep fabric fur-free and simplify cleaning. 4" Refill includes 60 sheets of adhesive; purchase several so you're always prepared.

Giant Home & Auto is shaped like a T for more control of the roller, making it easier to grip and clean furniture and other large surfaces. Also, the surface area is maximized for quicker cleaning and extra-wide 5" roll contains 70 extra-large sheets for big jobs. Great for vehicle cleaning, furniture - anywhere your pet leaves hair. 5" Giant Refill includes 60 sheets of super-sticky adhesive. Keep one in the car and one for cleaning day at home. 8-1/2" long.

Please click on "More Information" for shed control tips.

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