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Zareba® Copper Sectional Ground Rod Kit

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Zareba® Copper Sectional Ground Rod Kit
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* Improve the effectiveness of your electric fence system with proper grounding
* Screw-together sections easier to transport & install than 1-piece grounding rods
* From the largest & most trusted names in equine electric fencing

Provide proper grounding of your electrical fence system for optimal fence performance. Copper Sectional Ground Rod Kit is a simple, use-anywhere solution. It comes with four 2-ft copper coated rod sections that screw into one another, a hardened steel tip (that breaks to make it easier to drive into the ground), an anvil, and a ground clamp.

An electric fence is a great way to protect your property and keep your livestock safe and secure, but every system is only as good as its grounding system. In most cases, when a fence is not working, the problem usually can be traced back to improper grounding. Typical grounding rods are usually 6 to 8 feet long - making them difficult to transport and install. This kit provides shorter sections that are much easier to transport, and they connect easily when it's time to install.

How it Works
The grounding circuit is a critical component of your electric fence and is essential for it to function properly. The charger, or energizer, is designed to alter the electric charge into a power that is safe for animals and people.

If the animal and the ground terminal of the charger are not sufficiently grounded, the path of electric current cannot be completed and the animal will not feel the shock. Since earth provides half of the electric field circuit, it is crucial to have a properly installed ground circuit.

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