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Electric Polytape Fence Post Insulators by Fi-Shock

Electric Polytape Fence Post Insulators by Fi-Shock
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* Heavy-duty insulators fit wood, round, or T-post electric horse fences
* Polytape holders unlock to ease installation and lock for added security
* Large UV-resistant designs strengthen fence post to help prevent arcing

Transform old pasture fence posts into a modern polytape electric fence with ease. Heavy-duty, UV-resistant molded polyethylene electric fence post insulators withstand years of use and weather. Large mounting flanges hold each insulator securely to any fence post. Also adds strength to each post to help prevent arcing and maintain the integrity and safety of the fence system. Choose insulators designed to fit traditional wood, round, or T-post fence posts. Locking design snaps open to hold polytape up to 2" wide, then secures to tightly hold and prevent tape movement. Manufacturer's 5-year limited warranty. White.

Wood Post Polytape Insulator extends polytape 2" from any wood post. Includes galvanized, double-head mounting nails. 25-pack.

Round Post Polytape Insulator features a screw-on mounting collar to lock insulators to round posts 1/4" to 9/16" diameter and small fiberglass T-posts. 25-pack.

T-Post Polytape Insulator slides over 1.25 and 1.33 pounds per foot T-posts. 25-pack.

T-Post Safety Cap Insulator snaps over T-post tops to protect horses and livestock from injury due to sharp edges. Secures up to 2" polytape and all gauges of electric fence wire. 10-pack.

Build your own safe, electric fence system with fence posts, energizers, polyrope or polytape wire, an expandable fence gate, a multi-light fence tester, and splicers and connectors.

Add safety to any electric horse fence!
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