Horse Fencing & Run In Shelters: Electric Fence Connectors & Splicers by Fi-Shock
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Electric Fence Connectors & Splicers by Fi-Shock

Electric Fence Connectors & Splicers by Fi-Shock
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* Stainless steel components resist rust and withstand any weather
* Versatile sizes fit 1/2", 1", or 2" polytape and polyrope fence wires
* Economical prices reduce the cost of building an electric horse fence

Speed the building of a safe electric horse fence in any pasture. Array of polytape or polyrope connectors are constructed with stainless steel components to resist rust and withstand any type of weather.

Splicers quickly and easily connect one span of polytape to another without loss to electric current conductivity. Stainless steel buckle will not rust or corrode. Available for 1/2", 1" or 2" wide polytape. Package of 3.

1/2" Polytape End Connectors ensures extension of polytape to reach distant electric fence posts without losing juice. Great for establishing a rugged connection point for gate handles on the end of polytape. For ½" wide polytape. Package of 3.

Polytape to Polytape Connector utilizes metal and wire so you can jump current from one span of double-line fence polytape to another. Package of 1.

Polytape to Energizer Connector connects the polytape to the charger on your electric fence. Package of 1.

Corner Insulators keep polytape taut at pasture corners, ends, or T-junctions. Fully insulated connectors are molded of heavy-duty white polyethylene with UV inhibitors and stainless steel. Fits all polytape widths up to 2". Include a corner insulator and tensioner. Choose Wood Post Polytape Corner Connector or T-Post Corner Insulator, which fits 1.25 and 1.33 T- posts. 1 per package.

Polyrope Connector allows you to splice together the ends of any sized polyrope to reach all of your electric fence posts. 1 per package.

Build your own safe, electric fence system with fence posts, energizers, polyrope or polytape wire, an expandable fence gate, and a multi-light fence tester.

Ease assembly of any electric horse fence!
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