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Cat Grass Plus, Cat Nip Plus and Grass Gel by Gimborn

Cat Grass Plus, Cat Nip Plus and Grass Gel by Gimborn
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* Home-grown catnip helps preserve your houseplants
* A premium in-home supply of your cat's favorite herb
* Grows quickly with minimal watering

Grow a premium supply of fresh grass or catnip to drive grass-loving cats wild. Grow-it-yourself grasses provide homegrown fun for your cat (and houseplant preservation for you). Or, choose Grass Gel as a petrolatum-based tool in your arsenal against hairballs.

Cat Grass Plus lets you grow your cat a supply of wheat or oat seed right in the container. All you have to do is water. Growth is visible in as little as 3 days. Grass is ready to serve when it has reached a height of 2 to 4 inches. Cats can nibble right from the planter.

Grass Gel is a petrolatum and mineral oil based gel that support digestion and is great for hairballs. Also contains barley grass and taurine.

Cat Nip Plus generates a premium in-home supply of the herb cats can't resist. Quick-grow variety requires minimal watering. You'll see visible growth in as little as 3 days. When catnip reaches a height of 4", it is ready to serve, and your cat can nibble on the grass right out of the planter. No need to cut it for him. Catnip can grow to a height of 18-36" long and spread widely if undisturbed, so it's a good idea to transplant the seedlings once they are off to a good start. This will ensure maximum use for your cat. USA-sourced.

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