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Kitty’scape™ Modular Play Towers

Kitty’scape™ Modular Play Towers
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* Modular cat towers can be configured in limitless designs
* Accessories let you expand your tower or replace parts as needed
* All components assemble in minutes without tools and every piece fits every other piece

Kitty'scape's expandable, modular design lets you configure these Play Towers into a limitless array of columns, ramps and hideaways that cats love to explore. Kitty'scape towers are a more personalized alternative to traditional cat trees, since you set the configuration that fits your space and your cat's preferences.

Set platforms far apart for active adult cats, closer together for older cats or kittens. Each assembles in just minutes with no tools! Interchangeable columns, platforms, and accessories satisfy your cat's need to explore and change up easily to keep kitty engaged. Choose from 3 starter kits and several unique accessories. Every piece is designed to fit with every other piece so that it just takes a few minutes to create an entirely new layout. Periodically re-configuring the Kitty'scape will keep cats engaged and satisfy their need to explore.

The durable columns that form the backbone of the Kitty'scape, as well as many of the other components, can be replaced when worn - no need to buy a whole new cat tree when a single piece will do!

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