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Ferret Octo-Play
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* A-MAZE-ing 5 tunnels and 11 entry points for hours of playful burrowing!
* Ferret playground made of cuddly soft fleece for multi-ferret homes
* Bright, colorful ferret toy doubles as a sleeper nest

Tunnels and climbing holes combine in a fun, octopus-inspired toy. Made of durable, soft fleece to please your pet's tunneling instincts. Includes five tunnel arms and 11 climbing holes throughout. Each arm includes a 2-3/4" diameter stay-open-end, thanks to the flexible metal hoop sewn into the fabric. The head includes a 3" diameter mouth opening and stays upright via the sturdy, thick, fleece-lined bottom and side walls. Head measures 8" wide by 11-1/2" high. Multi-functional design features securely stitched interior seams that resist chewing. Each of the five arms measure 11" long. Dry clean or hand wash. Red.

Small pets - not to mention your pocketbook - greatly benefit from multi-function accessories. By offering your ferret a toy that doubles as a nesting nook, or a tasty treat that also serves to quench a natural instinct, your pet accomplishes two tasks at once - just like when she's in the wild. The Ferret Octo-Play works to offer your pet both a fun tunneling and hiding toy, as well as a comfortable sleeping spot for rests between explorations. Great addition to any cage or habitat. Or, use it as a fun accessory in the room of the house where your ferret receives her daily exercise.

Ideal for ferrets or rats.

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