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Tetra EasyStrips™ Aquarium Test Strips

Tetra EasyStrips™ Aquarium Test Strips
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* Convenient test strips for fresh or saltwater aquariums
* Fast and easy way to test vital aquarium water parameters
* Maintain aquarium water quality through simple routine tests

TetraTesting aquarium water quality is as easy as "Dip and Read!" Tetra EasyStrips Aquarium Test Strips prove accurate testing doesn't have to be time-consuming or difficult. Medical and scientific quality test strips eliminate the need for glass tubes and complicated mixing of chemicals. Enjoy easy-to-read, color-coded results within seconds. All EasyStrips can be used in fresh or saltwater aquariums to help you maintain ideal conditions for your aquarium inhabitants.

Download the FREE Tetra Water Care smart phone app at your favorite app store! The Tetra Aquarium app, combined with Tetra EasyStripsTM 6-in-1 Aquarium Test Strips, makes testing for six important water quality levels – nitrate, nitrite, hardness, chlorine, alkalinity, and pH – quick and easy! Click "More Information" for details.

6-in-1 Aquarium Test Strips measure chlorine, nitrite, nitrate, alkalinity, hardness, and pH in a single dip with results in 60 seconds.

Ammonia Test Strips help quickly identify ammonia emergencies with fast and accurate results in just 10 seconds!

Complete Test Strip Kit measures 7 test parameters - ammonia, chlorine, nitrite, nitrate, alkalinity, hardness, and pH. Kit includes 25, 6-in-1 Aquarium Test Strips and 25 Ammonia Test Strips. Results in 60 seconds or less.

Why Do You Need Tetra EasyStrips?
Testing your salt or freshwater aquarium's water can't get any easier. Save time and money with a simple dip in the water to read multiple parameters with easy-to-read, color-coded results. Testing aquarium water parameters on a regular basis provides important information regarding the "health" of your aquarium water. Healthy aquarium water means healthy aquarium inhabitants.

Please click "More Information" for instructions and guidelines.

FREE 500 ML Easy Balance with Purchase!
FREE 500 ML Easy Balance with purchase.
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