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Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds

Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds
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* Advanced foraging toy requires multiple steps for pet birds to solve
* Tough polycarbonate construction withstands powerful parrot beaks
* Provide natural foraging activity that challenges pet bird intelligence

Ultimate foraging challenge gives the shell game a brand new twist. Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds require your pet bird to successfully navigate the treat inside the clear thimble and drop it through the opening. Sounds simple but this task requires multiple steps that may push your birds problem-solving skills to the limits!

Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds is a fun, treat-dispensing toy that takes practice for birds to perfect. Clear treat thimbles with easy-grab pegs allow birds to locate and transport the treat within the track. The treat-filled thimble must reach the opening at the top and be gently jostled to release the much-deserved reward. Durable, easy-clean polycarbonate toy withstands active daily play. Includes mounting attachments. Disassembles fully for cleaning.

Note: To remove treat thimble from track, locate notched portion on the inner rail. Identify Markers on the oval base of the treat thimble (two dots on the narrowest portions of the oval base). Align Markers with the Notch and gently remove treat thimble from track.

Foraging Toy Dimensions Treat Size Suggested For
Heart 7" x 8-1/2" fits 5/8" treats Medium to Large Parrots
Circle 8" x 10" fits 1-1/4" treats Large Parrots

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Keep your bird's favorite toy safe and good as new with Replacement Cones (the thimble over the treats). Choose from either 3-pk cones for Heart or Circle.

Please click on "More Information" for playtime recommendations and cleaning directions.

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