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See Saw Forager Bird Toy

See Saw Forager Bird Toy
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* Engage your bird's intellect and foraging instinct for hours
* Spring-loaded bird toy ideal for peanuts or other large nuts
* Easy-clean polycarbonate bird toy withstands active daily play

Boredom-busting bird puzzle challenges even determined problem-solvers. See/Saw Forager Bird Toy is a second generation foraging device that'll have you wondering if your bird has what it takes to puzzle out the prize. Weight-activated teeter-totter treat toy hangs at an incline to hold a tempting treat. The morsel will tilt and tumble within reach ONLY if your bird learns to hold the toy down long enough before it springs back into place.

See/Saw Forager Bird Toy engages your bird's intellect and instincts for healthy rewards and hours of fun. Refillable foraging toy keeps the challenge going and tough, easy-clean polycarbonate withstands active daily play. Best for larger treats or Nuts, Seeds, Fruit & Veggies up to 3/4" in diameter not included. Blue. 7-1/2" x 3-3/4" high (7-1/4" high with hanging rod).

Use Metal Quick Links for convenient cage installation.

Appropriate bird size depends on size of treats/food used.

Please click on "More Information" for cleaning directions.

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