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Farnam Bronco® E and Bronco® Gold

Farnam Bronco® E and Bronco® Gold
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* Kills and repels 6 fly species: stable, horn, house, face, horse, and deer flies
* Bronco also kills and repels mosquitoes and gnats
* Bronco Gold is also a grooming aid and coat conditioner

Kill and repel 6 species of pesky flies, plus mosquitoes and gnats, to increase your horse's comfort and improve the environment in your horse barns and stables. These fast-acting, non-oily insecticide repellents deliver easy protection against a wide array of pests. They contain pyrethrins and other ingredients and can be used directly on horses, ponies, foals, as well as in the barn and stable environment.

Bronco E is an economical, effective water-based formula that also includes permethrin. In addition to the pests mentioned above, it kills and repels fleas, ticks, chiggers, and lice. It has a pleasant citronella scent.

Bronco Gold performs double duty by killing 6 fly species, mosquitoes, and gnats, and also acting as a grooming aid and coat conditioner. It imparts a high sheen to the hair when brushed out.

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