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Nutramax Proviable-EQ Paste

Nutramax Proviable-EQ Paste
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* Contains Saccharomyces yeast species plus prebiotics to support equine hindgut health
* Yeast-based probiotics survive in the cecum to support the horse's entire digestive tract
* May be used continuously or on as as-needed basis for times of stress or transition

Deliver direct-fed microbials to help re-establish and maintain balance in your horse's intestinal tract. The Saccharomyces yeast species are probiotics especially helpful to horses, since these yeast are able to survive the cecum portion of your horse's hindgut, which means direct-fed microbials (probiotics) are carried throughout your horse's entire digestive tract.

Direct-fed microbials are the probiotics that support intestinal health, and Proviable-EQ offers billions of probiotic microorganisms. As well as these probiotics, Proviable-EQ also contains prebiotics, selectively fermented carbohydrates, which work together with the probiotics to help aid in digestibility and stabilize a healthy microfloral population in times of dietary stress.

Proviable-EQ Paste is a tasty peppermint-flavored paste that is easy to travel with and give. Each notch on the dispenser is two ml of paste.


Paste: Give 5 ml by mouth once daily for 6 days or as needed.

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